Index of types

about [GWindow.Buttons]
about_dialog [Gtk]
accel_flag [GtkEnums]
accel_flag [Gtk.Tags]
accel_group [Gtk]
action [Gtk]
action_group [Gtk]
adjustment [Gtk]
alignment [Gtk]
alpha_mode [GdkPixbuf]
anchor_type [GtkEnums]
anchor_type [Gtk.Tags]
any [GdkEvent]
any_response [GWindow]

Variation for safe typing

args [Gobject.Closure]
argv [Gobject.Closure]
arrow [Gtk]
arrow_type [GtkEnums]
arrow_type [Gtk.Tags]
aspect_frame [Gtk]
assistant [Gtk]
assistant_page_type [GtkEnums]
atom [Gdk]
attach_options [GtkEnums]
attach_options [Gtk.Tags]
background_pixmap [Gdk.Window]
base_data [Gobject]
basic [Gobject]
bbox_style [GtkPack.BBox]
bigarray [Gpointer]
bin [Gtk]
bitmap [Gdk]
box [Gtk]
box_packing [Gtk]
boxed [Gpointer]

Boxed pointers

bpath [GnomeCanvas]
bpath [GnoCanvas]
bpath_p [GnomeCanvas]
button [Gtk]
button_action [GtkEnums]
button_action [Gtk.Tags]
button_box [Gtk]
button_box_style [GtkEnums]
button_box_style [Gtk.Tags]
buttons [Gtk.Tags]
buttons [GWindow]
buttons_type [GtkEnums]
calendar [Gtk]
calendar_display_options [GtkEnums]
calendar_display_options [Gtk.Tags]
canvas [GnomeCanvas]
cap_style [GdkEnums]
cell_layout [Gtk]
cell_properties [GTree]
cell_properties_accel [GTree]
cell_properties_combo [GTree]
cell_properties_pixbuf [GTree]
cell_properties_progress [GTree]
cell_properties_text [GTree]
cell_properties_toggle [GTree]
cell_renderer [Gtk]
cell_renderer_accel [Gtk]
cell_renderer_accel_mode [GtkEnums]
cell_renderer_combo [Gtk]
cell_renderer_mode [GtkEnums]
cell_renderer_mode [Gtk.Tags]
cell_renderer_pixbuf [Gtk]
cell_renderer_progress [Gtk]
cell_renderer_text [Gtk]
cell_renderer_toggle [Gtk]
cell_type [GtkEnums]
cell_type [Gtk.Tags]
channel [Glib.Io]
channel [GMain.Io]
check_menu_item [Gtk]
clampf [Gtk]
clipboard [Gtk]
clipgroup [GnomeCanvas]
clist [Gtk]
color [Gdk]
color [GDraw]
color_button [Gtk]
color_selection [Gtk]
color_selection [GWindow.Buttons]
color_selection_dialog [Gtk]
colormap [Gdk]
colorspace [GdkPixbuf]
column [GTree]
combo [Gtk]
combo_box [Gtk]
combo_box_entry [Gtk]
condition [Glib.Io]
condition [GMain.Io]
container [Gtk]
contents [GText]
context [Pango]
corner_type [GtkEnums]
corner_type [Gtk.Tags]
crossing_mode [GdkEnums]
crossing_mode [Gdk.Tags]
cursor [Gdk]
cursor_type [GdkEnums]
cursor_type [Gdk.Cursor]
curve [Gtk]
curve_type [GtkEnums]
curve_type [Gtk.Tags]
data_conv [Gobject]
data_conv_get [Gobject]
data_get [Gobject]
data_kind [Gobject]
data_set [Gobject]
delete_type [GtkEnums]
delete_type [Gtk.Tags]
dest_defaults [GtkEnums]
dest_defaults [Gtk.Tags]
device [Gdk]
dialog [Gtk]
direction_type [GtkEnums]
direction_type [Gtk.Tags]
display [Gdk]
drag_action [GdkEnums]
drag_action [Gdk.Tags]
drag_context [Gdk]
drawing_area [Gtk]
editable [Gtk]
ellipse [GnomeCanvas]
ellipse [GnoCanvas]
ellipsize_mode [PangoEnums]
ellipsize_mode [Pango.Tags]
entry [Gtk]
entry [GAction]
entry_completion [Gtk]
entry_icon_position [GtkEnums]
error [Xml_lexer]
error [GtkFile.FileChooser]
error [Glib.Markup]
error [Glib.Convert]
event [Gdk]
event_box [Gtk]
event_mask [GdkEnums]
event_mask [Gdk.Tags]
event_type [GdkEnums]
event_type [Gdk.Tags]
expand_type [Gtk.Tags]
expander [Gtk]
expander_style [GtkEnums]
expander_style [Gtk.Tags]
extension_mode [GdkEnums]
extension_mode [Gdk.Tags]
file_chooser [Gtk]
file_chooser_action [GtkEnums]
file_chooser_button [Gtk]
file_chooser_confirmation [GtkEnums]
file_filter [Gtk]
file_filter_flags [GtkEnums]
file_selection [Gtk]
file_selection [GWindow.Buttons]
fill [GdkEnums]
fill_rule [GdkEnums]
fixed [Gtk]
font [Pango]
font [Gdk]
font_button [Gtk]
font_description [Pango]
font_map [Pango]
font_metrics [Pango]
font_selection [Gtk]
font_selection [GWindow.Buttons]
font_selection_dialog [Gtk]
font_type [GdkEnums]
frame [Gtk]
function_type [GdkEnums]
fundamental_type [Gobject]
g_class [Gobject]
g_closure [Gobject]
g_type [Gobject]
g_value [Gobject]
gamma_curve [Gtk]
gc [Gdk]
gdkCapStyle [Gdk.GC]
gdkFill [Gdk.GC]
gdkFillRule [Gdk.Region]
gdkFunction [Gdk.GC]
gdkJoinStyle [Gdk.GC]
gdkLineStyle [Gdk.GC]
gdkOverlapType [Gdk.Region]
gdkSubwindowMode [Gdk.GC]
gdkpixbuferror [GdkPixbuf]
glade_xml [Glade]
gravity [GdkEnums]
gravity [Gdk.Tags]
group [Gtk]
group [GnomeCanvas]
group_p [GnomeCanvas]
gtk_class [Gtk]
gtk_status_icon [Gtk]
gtk_stock_id [GtkStock]
gtkobj_flags [Gtk.Tags]
handle_box [Gtk]
handler [Glade]
icon_factory [Gtk]
icon_set [Gtk]
icon_size [GtkEnums]
icon_size [Gtk.Tags]
icon_source [Gtk]
icon_view [Gtk]
id [GtkStock]
id [GtkSignal]
id [Glib.Io]
id [Glib.Idle]
id [Glib.Timeout]
id [GMain.Io]
id [GMain.Idle]
id [GMain.Timeout]
image [Gtk]
image [Gdk]
image_menu_item [Gtk]
image_type [GtkEnums]
image_type [GdkEnums]
image_type [Gdk.Image]
image_type [GMisc]
input_dialog [Gtk]
input_source [GdkEnums]
input_source [Gdk.Tags]
interpolation [GdkPixbuf]
invisible [Gtk]
item [GtkStock]
item [Gtk]
item [GnomeCanvas]
item_event [GnomeCanvas]
item_event [GnoCanvas]
items_properties [GnoCanvas]
join_style [GdkEnums]
justification [GtkEnums]
justification [Gtk.Tags]
key_combination [GToolbox]

A keyboard shorcut: a combination of Alt, Control and Shift and a letter.

keysym [Gdk]
label [Gtk]
language [Pango]
layout [Pango]
layout [Gtk]
line [GnomeCanvas]
line [GnoCanvas]
line_p [GnomeCanvas]
line_style [GdkEnums]
link_button [Gtk]
list_item [Gtk]
list_store [Gtk]
liste [Gtk]
locale_category [Glib.Main]
log_handler [Glib.Message]
log_level [Glib.Message]
mark [GText]
marshaller [GtkSignal]
match_type [GtkEnums]
match_type [Gtk.Tags]
menu [Gtk]
menu_bar [Gtk]
menu_direction [Gtk.Tags]
menu_direction_type [GtkEnums]
menu_entry [GToolbox]

Tree description of a menu

menu_item [Gtk]
menu_shell [Gtk]
menu_tool_button [Gtk]
message_dialog [Gtk]
message_type [GtkEnums]
message_type [Gtk.Tags]
metric_type [GtkEnums]
metric_type [Gtk.Tags]
misc [Gtk]
modifier [GdkEnums]
modifier [Gdk.Tags]
movement_step [GtkEnums]
movement_step [Gtk.Tags]
native_window [Gdk]
normalize_mode [Glib.Utf8]
notebook [Gtk]
notify_type [GdkEnums]
notify_type [Gdk.Tags]
obj [Gtk]
obj [Gobject]
old_editable [Gtk]
optaddr [Gpointer]

Marked pointers

optboxed [Gpointer]
optcolor [GDraw]
option_menu [Gtk]
optobj [Gtk]
optstring [Gpointer]

Naked pointers

orientation [GtkEnums]
orientation [Gtk.Tags]
overlap_type [GdkEnums]
pack_direction [GtkEnums]
pack_direction [Gtk.Tags]
pack_type [GtkEnums]
pack_type [Gtk.Tags]
packer [Gtk]
paned [Gtk]
param [Gobject]
path_def [GnomeCanvas]
path_priority [GtkEnums]
path_priority [Gtk.Tags]
path_type [GtkEnums]
path_type [Gtk.Tags]
pixbuf [GnomeCanvas]
pixbuf [GnoCanvas]
pixbuf [GdkPixbuf]
pixbuf_p [GnomeCanvas]
pixmap [Gtk]
pixmap [Gdk]
plug [Gtk]
policy_type [GtkEnums]
policy_type [Gtk.Tags]
polygon [GnomeCanvas]
polygon [GnoCanvas]
polygon_p [GnomeCanvas]
position [Gtk.Tags]
position [GText]
position_type [GtkEnums]
preview_type [GtkEnums]
progress [Gtk]
progress_bar [Gtk]
progress_bar_orientation [GtkEnums]
progress_bar_orientation [Gtk.Tags]
progress_bar_style [GtkEnums]
progress_bar_style [Gtk.Tags]
property [Gobject]
property_mode [GdkEnums]
property_mode [Gdk.Tags]
property_state [GdkEnums]
property_state [Gdk.Tags]
query [GtkSignal]
r_e [GnomeCanvas]
radio_action [Gtk]
radio_button [Gtk]
radio_menu_item [Gtk]
radio_tool_button [Gtk]
range [Gtk]
re_p [GnomeCanvas]
rect [GnomeCanvas]
rect [GnoCanvas]
rectangle [Pango]
rectangle [Gtk]
region [Gpointer]

The abstract type of heap regions

region [Gdk]
relief_style [GtkEnums]
relief_style [Gtk.Tags]
resize_mode [GtkEnums]
resize_mode [Gtk.Tags]
response [GtkEnums]
response [Gtk.Tags]
rgb_dither [GdkEnums]
rgb_dither [Gdk.Tags]
rich_text [GnomeCanvas]
rich_text_p [GnomeCanvas]
row_reference [Gtk]
ruler [Gtk]
scale [Pango.Tags]
scale [Gtk]
scale_button [Gtk]
screen [Gdk]
scroll_direction [GdkEnums]
scroll_direction [Gdk.Tags]
scroll_step [GtkEnums]
scroll_type [GtkEnums]
scroll_type [Gtk.Tags]
scrollbar [Gtk]
scrolled_window [Gtk]
selection_data [Gtk]
selection_mode [GtkEnums]
selection_mode [Gtk.Tags]
separator [Gtk]
separator_tool_item [Gtk]
setting_action [GdkEnums]
setting_action [Gdk.Tags]
shadow_type [GtkEnums]
shadow_type [Gtk.Tags]
shape [GnomeCanvas]
shape_p [GnomeCanvas]
shortcut_specification [GToolbox]

A shortcut specification: name of a GTK+ signal to emit, keyboard shortcuts and the message to send.

side_type [GtkEnums]
side_type [Gtk.Tags]
signal_run_type [GtkEnums]
signal_run_type [Gtk.Tags]
signal_type [Gobject]
size_fun [Rsvg]
size_group [Gtk]
size_group_mode [GtkEnums]
size_group_mode [Gtk.Tags]
socket [Gtk]
sort_type [GtkEnums]
sort_type [Gtk.Tags]
spec [Gdk.Color]
spin_button [Gtk]
spin_button_update_policy [GtkEnums]
spin_button_update_policy [Gtk.Tags]
spin_type [GtkEnums]
spin_type [Gtk.Tags]
stable [Gpointer]

Ensure a value is copied in the old generation

state_type [GtkEnums]
state_type [Gtk.Tags]
status_icon [Gtk]
statusbar [Gtk]
statusbar_context [Gtk]
statusbar_message [Gtk]
stretch [PangoEnums]
stretch [Pango.Tags]
style [PangoEnums]
style [Pango.Tags]
style [Gtk]
submenu_direction [GtkEnums]
submenu_direction [Gtk.Tags]
submenu_placement [GtkEnums]
submenu_placement [Gtk.Tags]
subwindow_mode [GdkEnums]
t [GtkSignal]

When writing marshallers, beware that the list omits the 0th argument of argv, which is the referent object

t [GnomeCanvas.Types]
t [GnomeCanvas.PathDef]
t [Glib.Main]
t [GdkEvent.WindowState]
t [GdkEvent.Setting]
t [GdkEvent.Client]
t [GdkEvent.Proximity]
t [GdkEvent.Selection]
t [GdkEvent.Property]
t [GdkEvent.Configure]
t [GdkEvent.Focus]
t [GdkEvent.Crossing]
t [GdkEvent.Key]
t [GdkEvent.Scroll]
t [GdkEvent.Button]
t [GdkEvent.Motion]
t [GdkEvent.Visibility]
t [GdkEvent.Expose]
t [Gdk.PointArray]
t [Gdk.Rectangle]
table [Gtk]
tag_property [GText]
target_entry [Gtk]
target_flags [GtkEnums]
target_flags [Gtk.Tags]
text [Gtk]
text [GnomeCanvas]
text_buffer [Gtk]
text_child_anchor [Gtk]
text_combo [GEdit]
text_direction [GtkEnums]
text_direction [Gtk.Tags]
text_iter [Gtk]
text_mark [Gtk]
text_p [GnomeCanvas]
text_search_flag [GtkEnums]
text_search_flag [Gtk.Tags]
text_tag [Gtk]
text_tag_table [Gtk]
text_view [Gtk]
text_window_type [GtkEnums]
text_window_type [Gtk.Tags]
timed [GdkEvent]
tips_query [Gtk]
toggle_action [Gtk]
toggle_button [Gtk]
toggle_tool_button [Gtk]
token [Xml_lexer]

The type of the XML document elements

tool_button [Gtk]
tool_item [Gtk]
toolbar [Gtk]
toolbar_child [GtkEnums]
toolbar_child [Gtk.Tags]
toolbar_space_style [GtkEnums]
toolbar_space_style [Gtk.Tags]
toolbar_style [GtkEnums]
toolbar_style [Gtk.Tags]
tooltip [Gtk]
tooltips [Gtk]
tree [Gtk]
tree [GToolbox]

A tree.

tree_item [Gtk]
tree_iter [Gtk]
tree_model [Gtk]
tree_model_custom [Gtk]
tree_model_filter [Gtk]
tree_model_flags [GtkEnums]
tree_model_sort [Gtk]
tree_path [Gtk]
tree_selection [Gtk]
tree_sortable [Gtk]
tree_store [Gtk]
tree_view [Gtk]
tree_view_column [Gtk]
tree_view_column_sizing [GtkEnums]
tree_view_column_sizing [Gtk.Tags]
tree_view_drop_position [GtkEnums]
tree_view_grid_lines [GtkEnums]
types [GdkEvent.Button]
ui_id [GAction]
ui_manager [Gtk]
ui_manager_item_type [GtkEnums]
underline [PangoEnums]
underline [Pango.Tags]
unichar [Glib]
unistring [Glib]
units [Pango]
update_policy [Gtk.Tags]
update_type [GtkEnums]
update_type [Gtk.Tags]
values [Gdk.GC]
variant [PangoEnums]
variant [Pango.Tags]
variant_table [Gpointer]

Variant tables

viewport [Gtk]
visibility [GtkEnums]
visibility [Gtk.Tags]
visibility_state [GdkEnums]
visibility_state [Gdk.Tags]
visual [Gdk]
visual_type [GdkEnums]
visual_type [Gdk.Visual]
weight [PangoEnums]
weight [Pango.Tags]
weight_internal [Pango.Tags]
widget [Gtk]
widget [GnomeCanvas]
widget [GnoCanvas]
widget_flags [GtkEnums]
widget_flags [Gtk.Tags]
widget_p [GnomeCanvas]
window [Gtk]
window [Gdk]
window_position [GtkEnums]
window_position [Gtk.Tags]
window_state [GdkEnums]
window_state [Gdk.Tags]
window_type [GtkEnums]
window_type [Gtk.Tags]
window_type_hint [GdkEnums]
window_type_hint [Gdk.Tags]
wrap_mode [PangoEnums]
wrap_mode [Pango.Tags]
wrap_mode [GtkEnums]
wrap_mode [Gtk.Tags]
xdata [GdkEnums]
xdata [Gdk.Tags]
xdata_ret [Gdk.Tags]
xid [Gdk]