Index of classes

about_dialog [GWindow]
action [GAction]
action_group [GAction]
action_group_signals [GAction]
action_signals [GAction]
action_skel [GAction]
add_ml_signals [GUtil]
adjustment [GData]

A GtkObject representing an adjustable bounded value

adjustment_signals [GData]
alignment [GBin]
arrow [GMisc]

Produces an arrow pointing in one of the four cardinal directions

aspect_frame [GBin]

A frame that constrains its child to a particular aspect ratio

base_item [GnoCanvas]
bin [GContainer]
bin_impl [GContainer]
box [GPack]

A base class for box containers

box_skel [GPack]
buffer [GText]
buffer_signals [GText]
buffer_signals_skel [GText]
buffer_skel [GText]

Stores attributed text for display in a GText.view

button [GButton]

A widget that creates a signal when clicked on

button_box [GPack]
button_signals [GButton]
button_skel [GButton]
calendar [GMisc]

Display a calendar and/or allow the user to select a date

calendar_signals [GMisc]
callback [GtkTree.CustomModel]
canvas [GnoCanvas]
cell_layout [GTree]
cell_renderer_accel [GTree]
cell_renderer_accel_signals [GTree]
cell_renderer_combo [GTree]
cell_renderer_combo_signals [GTree]
cell_renderer_impl [GTree]
cell_renderer_pixbuf [GTree]
cell_renderer_progress [GTree]
cell_renderer_text [GTree]
cell_renderer_text_signals [GTree]
cell_renderer_toggle [GTree]
cell_renderer_toggle_signals [GTree]
check_menu_item [GMenu]

A menu item with a check box

check_menu_item_signals [GMenu]
child_anchor [GText]
chooser_button [GFile]
chooser_button_signals [GFile]
chooser_widget [GFile]
chooser_widget_signals [GFile]
clipboard [GData]
clipboard_skel [GData]

Storing data on clipboards

clist [GList]

A multi-columned scrolling list widget

clist_signals [GList]
color_button [GButton]
color_button_signals [GButton]
color_selection [GMisc]

A widget used to select a color

color_selection_dialog [GWindow]
column_list [GTree]
combo [GEdit]

A text entry field with a dropdown list

combo_box [GEdit]
combo_box_entry [GEdit]
combo_box_signals [GEdit]
container [GContainer]

Base class for widgets which contain other widgets

container_full [GContainer]
container_impl [GContainer]
container_signals_impl [GContainer]
context [GPango]
context_rw [GPango]
curve [GMisc]

Allows direct editing of a curve

custom_tree_model [GTree]

A base class to inherit from to make a custom tree model.

dialog [GWindow]

Create popup windows

dialog_any [GWindow]
dialog_ext [GWindow]

Create popup windows

dialog_signals [GWindow]
dialog_skel [GWindow]
drag_context [GObj]
drag_context [GDraw]
drag_ops [GObj]
drag_signals [GObj]
drawable [GDraw]

Functions for drawing points, lines, arcs, and text

drawing_area [GMisc]

A widget for custom user interface elements

editable [GEdit]

Interface for text-editing widgets

editable_signals [GEdit]
entry [GEdit]

A single line text entry field

entry_completion [GEdit]
entry_completion_signals [GEdit]
entry_signals [GEdit]
event_box [GBin]

A widget used to catch events for widgets which do not have their own window

event_ops [GObj]
event_signals [GObj]
expander [GBin]
expander_signals [GBin]
factory [GMenu]

A factory for menus

file_chooser_dialog [GWindow]
file_chooser_dialog_signals [GWindow]
file_selection [GWindow]
filter [GFile]
fixed [GPack]

A container which allows you to position widgets at fixed coordinates

focus [GContainer]
font_button [GButton]
font_button_signals [GButton]
font_description [GPango]
font_selection [GMisc]

A widget for selecting fonts.

font_selection_dialog [GWindow]
frame [GBin]

A bin with a decorative frame and optional label

frame_skel [GBin]
gobject_ops [GObj]
gobject_signals [GObj]
group [GnoCanvas]
gtkobj [GObj]
gtkobj_signals_impl [GObj]
handle_box [GBin]

A widget for detachable window portions

handle_box_signals [GBin]
icon_view [GTree]

A widget which displays a list of icons in a grid

icon_view_signals [GTree]
image [GMisc]

A widget displaying an image

image_menu_item [GMenu]

A menu item with an icon

invisible [GBin]
item [GnoCanvas]
item_container [GContainer]
item_signals [GnoCanvas]
item_signals [GContainer]
iter [GText]
label [GMisc]

A widget that displays a small to medium amount of text

label_skel [GMisc]
layout [GPack]

Infinite scrollable area containing child widgets and/or custom drawing

link_button [GButton]
list_item [GList]

An item in a GList.liste

list_store [GTree]
liste [GList]

Widget for packing a list of selectable items

liste_signals [GList]
memo [GUtil]
menu [GMenu]

A drop down menu widget

menu_item [GMenu]

The widget used for item in menus

menu_item_signals [GMenu]
menu_item_skel [GMenu]
menu_shell [GMenu]
menu_shell_signals [GMenu]
menu_tool_button [GButton]
metrics [GPango]
misc [GMisc]

A base class for widgets with alignments and padding

misc_ops [GObj]
misc_signals [GObj]
ml_signals [GUtil]
model [GTree]
model_filter [GTree]
model_signals [GTree]
model_sort [GTree]
nocopy_iter [GText]
notebook [GPack]

A tabbed notebook container

notebook_signals [GPack]
old_editable_signals [GBroken]
option_menu [GMenu]

A widget used to choose from a list of valid choices

paned [GPack]

Base class for widgets with two adjustable panes

pixmap [GDraw]

Offscreen drawables

plug [GWindow]

Toplevel for embedding into other processes

plug_signals [GWindow]
progress_bar [GRange]

A widget which indicates progress visually

radio_action [GAction]
radio_action_signals [GAction]
radio_button [GButton]

A choice from multiple check buttons

radio_menu_item [GMenu]

A choice from multiple check menu items

radio_tool_button [GButton]
range [GRange]

Base class for widgets which visualize an adjustment

range_signals [GRange]
rich_text [GnoCanvas]
row_reference [GTree]
ruler [GRange]
scale [GRange]

A slider widget for selecting a value from a range

scrolled_window [GBin]

Adds scrollbars to its child widget

selection [GTree]

The selection object for GTree.view

selection_context [GObj]
selection_data [GObj]
selection_signals [GTree]
separator_tool_item [GButton]
signal [GUtil]
socket [GWindow]

Container for widgets from other processes

socket_signals [GWindow]
source_buffer [GSourceView2]
source_buffer_signals [GSourceView2]
source_completion [GSourceView2]
source_completion_context [GSourceView2]
source_completion_context_signals [GSourceView2]
source_completion_info [GSourceView2]
source_completion_info_signals [GSourceView2]
source_completion_item [GSourceView2]
source_completion_proposal [GSourceView2]
source_completion_proposal_signals [GSourceView2]
source_completion_provider [GSourceView2]
source_completion_signals [GSourceView2]
source_language [GSourceView2]
source_language_manager [GSourceView2]
source_mark [GSourceView2]
source_style_scheme [GSourceView2]
source_style_scheme_manager [GSourceView2]
source_undo_manager [GSourceView2]
source_undo_manager_signals [GSourceView2]
source_view [GSourceView2]
source_view_signals [GSourceView2]
spin_button [GEdit]

Retrieve an integer or floating-point number from the user

spin_button_signals [GEdit]
status_icon [GMisc]

Display an icon in the system tray.

status_icon_signals [GMisc]
statusbar [GMisc]

Report messages of minor importance to the user

statusbar_context [GMisc]
style [GObj]
table [GPack]

Pack widgets in regular patterns

tag [GText]

A tag that can be applied to text in a GText.buffer

tag_signals [GText]
tag_table [GText]

Collection of tags that can be used together

tag_table_signals [GText]
tag_table_skel [GText]
text [GnoCanvas]
text [GBroken]
tips_query [GMisc]

Displays help about widgets in the user interface

tips_query_signals [GMisc]
toggle_action [GAction]
toggle_action_signals [GAction]
toggle_action_skel [GAction]
toggle_button [GButton]

Create buttons which retain their state

toggle_button_signals [GButton]
toggle_tool_button [GButton]
toggle_tool_button_signals [GButton]
tool_button [GButton]
tool_button_signals [GButton]
tool_button_skel [GButton]
tool_item [GButton]
tool_item_skel [GButton]
toolbar [GButton]

Create bars of buttons and other widgets

toolbar_signals [GButton]
tooltips [GData]

Add tips to your widgets

tree [GBroken]
tree_item [GBroken]
tree_item_signals [GBroken]
tree_selection [GToolbox]

A class to make the user select a node in a tree.

tree_signals [GBroken]
tree_sortable [GTree]
tree_sortable_signals [GTree]
tree_store [GTree]
ui_manager [GAction]
ui_manager_signals [GAction]
variable [GUtil]
variable_signals [GUtil]
view [GTree]

A widget for displaying both trees and lists

view [GText]
view_column [GTree]

A visible column in a GTree.view widget

view_column_signals [GTree]
view_signals [GTree]
view_signals [GText]
view_skel [GText]

Widget that displays a GText.buffer

viewport [GBin]
widget [GObj]
widget_full [GObj]
widget_impl [GObj]
widget_signals_impl [GObj]
window [GWindow]

Toplevel widget which can contain other widgets

window_skel [GWindow]
xml [Glade]